"The evil that men do lives after them..."

Ken Howard is dead, laments the SAG publicity machine; however, the union has not lost a leader but a front man and bag man for the behind-the-scenes machinery that has actually run the union since before the year 2000.

If there is anybody who thinks SAG and the Pension Plan is run by other than Duncan Crabtree Ireland and David White, men who pay millions to themselves in salaries and also pay millions in bogus settlements to lawyers who give them payback by keeping them in office -- if anyone says otherwise, let them speak!

Three weeks ago some of us sent a letter to Ken Howard asking that he do his job or quit; namely that he remove the court seals his lawyers arranged on the earnings of thousands of actors from foreign levies unaccounted for.

Ken Howard was also asked to do right by Leslie Hoffman and others who are being denied their rightful medical, health and other benefits -- thereby leaving hundreds of professional actors and stunt performers in dire straits.

We had no way of knowing how sick Ken Howard really was, and therefore hardly able to function as his office demands. This is unfortunate, but shows how ruthless his rulers were, making him go through the motions on their behalf, while Howard himself was oblivious as a puppet.

The letter sent to Ken Howard and posted publicly on Facebook 3 weeks ago may not have lead to his sudden death or departure; and insiders may have known and withheld facts about his true condition; but he departed nonetheless, avoiding public shame.

As harsh as a judgment may seem, this is existentially another way of avoiding acknowledgment of his complicity and guilt in the civil rights mortuary at the guts of the guild.

Like an Illinois Governor who broke his trust with the people, Ken Howard did his best to act the front as a man representing actors with honor, but that was a charade and his dealings broke the back of the union he was elected to lead, and now, brothers and sisters gathered at this page, I believe he is watching us from the afterlife that 98% of Americans believe in, and his time has come.

Just let him stay away from me.

The Screen Actors Guild is a non-profit corporation currently run for the profit of its officers Duncan Crabtree Ireland and David White, both of whom have verifiable ties to criminal consortiums and felons, along with their protected associates.

These men decide who gets on the Board, who pays off the lawyers and the settlements, where the money from P&H goes, how high the dues can charge, who gets cut off from their pensions and who does not.

And they are the ultimate review of the review board, with all arbitration done at the offices of SAG.

And, we might add, at the mighty offices of SAG, no actor is allowed a job. Only non actors can be hired.

They don't really "trust" actors at SAG.

The SAG "Break Legs" actor recruiting campaign, promising success in the acting and celebrity world for young talents across America in reality is offering only educational information about how to deal with studios, and is nothing but a giant ponzi scheme, working against the true art interests of the tens of thousands original SAG members, as well as diminishing the opportunities of the former AFTRA television actors.

Under Ken Howard's tenure, the pension plans have millions of missing funds, unaccounted for, with settlements arranged for by the perpetrators.

Under Ken Howard's tenure, SAG lawyers paid off Neville Johnson and Paul Kiesel in a class action lawsuit that benefited the members nothing, not even an accounting; took away future rights from both SAG and non union actors, and sealed millions of foreign royalty funds away from the rightful owners.

And all the while Ken Howard was in office he was the paid off bad actor playing the "President" in the bad action drama taking place currently on Wilshire Boulevard authored by David White and Crabtree Ireland, who really run the entire operation.

SAG is no longer a representative for actors, but a money pool for lawyers and cronies bleeding the future dry for pensioners and offering almost no future at all for the kind of acting jobs we used to know in "Hollywood."

As a believer in the ongoing immortal soul, I reckon there will be time to deal with Ken Howard later on, and no doubt he's feeling the heat right now as his departure opens an opportunity for new leadership at the union headquarters -- and new scrutiny on election rules and conduct.

A new SAG President may well have to fire, dishonorably, most of the staff at SAG headquarters, taking their computes and hard drives, along with bringing charges against the former executives and Board Members for fraud and corrupt business practices; the Foreign Royalties Class Action will need to be totally re written by lawyers really working for the clients both Plaintiff and Defendant -- since both plaintiffs and defendants are actors -- not lawyers or paid CEO's and all of them lawyers, like themselves.

Meanwhile we ought to start looking at candidates who will be able to maneuver past White and Crabtree Ireland and the lawyers hired by Bob Bush etc.

Maybe Leslie Hoffman would consider helping locate somebody that the honest membership can get behind, or consider a run for office herself.

Meanwhile we will circulate this letter among the same folk who got it to Ken Howard, whose Facebook page will last forever.

Thus I offer my present best eulogy for the President of the Actor's Union.

Ken Howard should have looked after his actors.

Now it's too late.

You can only die once.

William Richert

"I did not steal the throne of France. It was lying in the gutter and I picked it up." -- A. Dumas, author of THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK.

As an example of SAG's blatant grabs, William Richert filmed a revisionist version of the movie in 1999 with a SAG cast of 60 -- and SAG took all the foreign royalties for the actors, splitting with the studios and the money is under court seal.

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