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SAG-AFTRA  Lawsuit News

George Clooney, Natalie Portman and Justin Timberlake are among the potential witnesses listed by Ed Asner and the 15 other plaintiffs in the lawsuit against SAG-AFTRA over $130 million in unpaid funds.



The head of SAG-AFTRA is now the target of a federal lawsuit involving a collusion/conversion investigation. This is significant, and opens a pathway to justice for the tens of thousands of American actors, directors and writers who've had money taken from them, along with the right to work without interruption or fear.

Secretary-Treasurer Amy Aquino




SAG-AFTRA National Board of Directors Meets via Videoconference


Los Angeles and New York, (July 27, 2013) – The SAG-AFTRA national board of directors met today in a one-day videoconference plenary and reviewed several administrative, finance and governance matters.


The National Board received reports including:


National Co-President’s Report

National Co-President Roberta Reardon reported on recent meetings of the International Federation of Actors (FIA) and the AFL-CIO Executive Council. Reardon commended the board for its extraordinary service in the first year of the merged union.


Secretary-Treasurer’s Report

National Co-Secretary-Treasurers Amy Aquino and Matt Kimbrough reported on the union’s 2013 Year End financials noting that the integration of the prior organizations’ finances has been completed. The board also received an unqualified opinion with respect to the audit conducted by the union’s accounting firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers.


The board recognized Chief Financial Officer Arianna Ozzanto and her finance team for their efforts in integrating the predecessor unions’ financial operations.


National Executive Director’s Report

National Executive Director David White noted that that this was the final meeting before the election of the new board of directors.  White commended the board members and staff for their hard work in accomplishing the merger, working through myriad issues related to the transition period, and congratulated the body on their service as the founding board of the new union.


White updated the board on administrative and operations matters highlighting the level of activity in SAG-AFTRA’s four major contract areas (Entertainment, Broadcast News, Commercials and Sound Recordings), including activity related to contract negotiations and enforcement, and to several successful organizing campaigns.  White drew particular notice to the effective collaboration of SAG-AFTRA’s leadership, committee members and staff throughout the last year.


White said, “As the final meeting of the transitional National Board, today was an important marker in the life of this newly merged union.  The elected leadership who led the way over this past year has done extraordinary work and leaves a tremendous legacy for the elected leaders who will follow.  We’re all very grateful for their diligence and perseverance through this significant time.“


Legal and Governance Report

Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel Duncan Crabtree-Ireland reported that the foreign royalties program has distributed more than $17.5 million to performers since inception.


Crabtree-Ireland presented an update regarding convention planning and scheduling along with expected delegate registration timing.  In addition, the board reviewed recommended proposed rules for the conduct of business at the upcoming inaugural SAG-AFTRA convention scheduled for Sept. 26 –29, 2013, at the J. W. Marriott at L. A. Live in downtown Los Angeles.  The board approved the recommended rules, which are being finalized for publication in advance of the convention.


The board also reviewed proposed constitutional amendments submitted to the union per its submissions process. The board acted on two of the amendments, which move forward to the convention.  The proposed amendments approved today will be published in advance of the convention, along with any additional proposed amendments submitted by the required number of local boards.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:08 p.m. PT.



About SAG-AFTRA SAG-AFTRA represents more than 165,000 actors, announcers, broadcast journalists, dancers, DJs, news writers, news editors, program hosts, puppeteers, recording artists, singers, stunt performers, voiceover artists and other media professionals. SAG-AFTRA members are the faces and voices that entertain and inform America and the world. With national offices in Los Angeles and New York and local offices nationwide, SAG-AFTRA members work together to secure the strongest protections for media artists into the 21st century and beyond. Visit SAG-AFTRA online at


Follow SAG-AFTRA on Twitter ( and Facebook (

National Executive Director David White

  • Arianna Ozzanto

Experience Chief Financial OfficerSAG-AFTRA

March 2012 – Present (1 year 6 months)Los Angeles, C

Chief Financial Officer

Screen Actors Guild
January 2009 – April 2012 (3 years 4 months)

National Director Finance & Administration

Screen Actors Guild
February 2007 – January 2009 (2 years)

Director of Finance and Strategy

Screen Actors Guild
May 2006 – February 2007 (10 months)

Senior Manager Finance

Screen Actors Guild
July 2005 – May 2006 (11 months)

Budget Analyst

Screen Actors Guild
February 2004 – July 2005 (1 year 6 months)

Financial Analyst

September 2002 – December 2003 (1 year 4 months)

Senior Financial Analyst

20th Century Fox

October 2000 – September 2002 (2 years)

Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel Duncan Crabtree

Bob Bush

“Super Lawyers” in 2005 by Los Angeles Magazine.

Mr. Bush is active in the Southern California and national labor and legal community, having served as Chair of the Los Angeles County Bar Association Symposium Committee and as the Chair of the Railway Labor Subcommittee of the American Bar Association Labor and Employment Section. He is a Fellow of the College of Labor and Employment Lawyers. Mr. Bush has been an editor of two labor law books published by the American Bar Association, The Developing Labor Law and The Railway Labor Act. Mr. Bush was named to the select list of Southern California

12:30 PM PDT 7/27/2013 by Jonathan Handel


The SAG-AFTRA board is meeting Saturday and is considering two constitutional amendments, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. It was not immediately possible to determine the subject matter of one of the amendments.

According to a source who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the confidential nature of the matter at this stage, the second of the amendments would allow the union’s convention to delegate all or part of its authority to the SAG-AFTRA national board. The amendment doesn’t automatically delegate that authority. A separate convention resolution would be introduced if this passed to actually delegate that authority.

The authority could then be revoked by any convention by a simple majority. The union holds conventions every two years.

If the national board approves the amendment, it will be acted upon by the convention. Passage requires a 70 percent vote of those delegates voting. In addition, there may be other amendments coming from the union’s Locals, but it is too early to tell. Under the SAG-AFTRA constitution, the boards of the Locals can propose amendments up until 45 days before the convention, which will be held at the end of September. If 1/3 of Locals sign off on the amendment, it goes to convention for an up or down vote.

The amendment on the national board’s agenda today “seems to have good traction because even in the best written documents there are small fixes that had the board had the authority this year would have made a difference,” according to the source. “The need for the convention to (retain the authority to make even small fixes) was a legacy AFTRA insisted upon” in the negotiations with SAG that led to merger.

The source added that this approach has proved unworkable, and that the amendment would represent a small return in the direction of the SAG rules, which allowed the board by a super majority to amend the organization’s constitution.

Under the amendment, the board would not be able to exceed the convention’s authority. That is, matters reserved to the members will remain in the hands of the members.

The convention will be a large affair, with almost 500 delegates attending. It’s scheduled for September 26-29 and will be held at the Los Angeles Marriott at L.A. Live. Some legacy SAG members of the board are skeptical of the value of having a convention at all, given the cost, but AFTRA required it as a condition of agreeing to merger. Even if the affair should prove to be a bust, there will be at least one more convention held, in two years, before the convention itself could be amended out of existence. That too was an AFTRA requirement.

Ira L.Gottlieb

Mr. Gottlieb was selected a Southern California Superlawyer in 2012 and 2013.

Mr. Gottlieb is or has been a member of the American Bar Association Committees on the Railway Labor Act, and Development of the Law under the National Labor Relations Act, and the American Bar Association Labor and Employment Law Section, the State of California Labor and Employment Law Section, the Los Angeles County Bar Association Labor Law Section, and the AFL-CIO Lawyers Coordinating Committee. He is a senior editor of the American Bar Association publication, “The Railway Labor Act,” Second and Third Editions, and was an editor of the first edition. He has taught labor law at Southwestern University Law School in Los Angeles.


When Hollywood Held Hands With Hitler


A debate is raging over the studios' alleged collusion with the Nazis in the 1930s.


Dear Eric and Dennis,


Started reading this article then wrote a bit for facebook:




While our present lawsuit against the lawyers in the Hollywood unions -- USAC VS SCREEN ACTORS' GUILD -- is nothing like the fight of much of humanity against Hitler, it illustrates the labyrinth levels of collaboration amongst seeming enembies – like Jewish studio heads and exterminating Nazis – can exist and do exist for complex reasons, mostly involving money.


Like union lawyers working both sides, studio and union, for their own benefit.


Right now I’m watching two of the publications mentioned in this article – VARIETY and THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER – along with the other major LA Newspapers and virtually all the national telvsison media – either distort the facts in the lawsuit against corruption in Screen Actors’ Guild and its inscestuous marriage to American Federation of Television and Radio Artists – or refuse to write and report openly that some of the union’s most respected and illustrious members are saying in a courtroom that the unions are thieves and liars and have misled their membership.


Instead the reporters write almost nothing at all, anywhere, except to cast the fighters against the union as "disgruntled" instead of outright rebels against a corrupt and secretive union hierarchy, an executive staff where no actor is allowed to work, and no elected official is allowed to speak.


Since his virtual coup in 2009, installed in office without any vetting from a compliant Board of Directors, no elected official has been allowed to speak on union matters except through David White, its CEO, and Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, General Counsel.


This is democratic?


In reporting about our lawsuit against SAG, where 16 actors and more are litigating about theft of residuals and foreign levies, both VARIETY and THE HOLLYWOOD RFEPORTER have withheld key facts from their readers, while the other newspaers like the LA Times have actually provided the unions with facts in out lawsuit even before the unions got the complaint -- the Los Angeles Times Richard Verrier gave SAG  inside information, got union response, and then wrote one story that mislead and not a word since.


More on this later.


This morning I’m remembering, based on this important article, how my great pal Vincent “Jimmy” Sheean, who wrote THE FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT which became Hitchcok’s movie, used to talk about the Vichy regime’s support of the Nazi’s and the hypocracy of Joe Kennedy and others who secretly helped Hitler.  There were many.  Jimmy could sing Milton to the tune of Inke dinke parlez vous (sp?) and I was there the night he fired Lyndon Johnson by telegraph, sitting in the corner of his couch, dictating like Churchill (I know this worked because I spoke at length with Johnson’s daughter Lucy Johnson Nugent during an interview in Austin, Texax and she rememberd a particular incident before Johnson made his decision not to run a second time) (one night Jimmy and Winston got totally drunk in a bar in Italy I think it was, in a city with a steep hill, and Jimmy wanted one drink more but Winston said no and took a cab.  When Jimmy took his cab down, it was crashed by another car, where Winston would have been sitting and killed no doubt.


Lots of stories I heard those days with Jimmy and his wife Diana Forbes-Robertson, whose aunt Maxine Elliot was mistress to Edward  VII of England and J.P. Morgan (one morning at breakfast at Cannes, where Maxine had a slide that went down to the ocean, my friend Diana went down to the long long table and there was Winston and he was talking about Franco making alliances with Germany and some line had been crossed in Spain and he put his fist down next to his coffee and said that he must return to England and perhaps look to Russiia for help – Churchill was an Admiral at the time – and Maxine said “Oh Winston, you wouldn’t ally yourself with those awful Communists, would you? And Churchill answered:  “I would make an alliance with Satan Himself to save England” – I heard this from the woman who heard this, and who repeated it to me while sounding like Churchill –( has there passed away a greatness from this earth? )– now it’s here on facebook me to you; I can still here Diana’s imitation of Churchill ringing like the bells of Parliment) – anyhow, we used to drink martinis me being twenty something and feeling short next to the tall Irishman and Jimmy would sing AIDA (once I answered the phone to a woman who said “it’s Mary” in a deep Southern accent,  it was the great opera singer Leontine Price – also Greta Garbo would call and Thornton Wilder and John Gunther – but mostly Jimmy would tell stories and sing operas while frying or reading Wordsworth or Keats or Milton with a kind of a lisp as his teeth were going.


(In some of our all-nighter conversations I used to tell River Phoneix stories I’d heard from Jimmy and read him Wordsworth and Lawrence and others, like Jimmy read them for me.  River liked them as much as I did and sometimes played his guitar with the poetry. That was an amazing time too, but another story.)


Jimmy was also great friends with Faisal of Arabia and Mahatma Ghandi – Jimmy was there in the next room when Ghandi was assassinated, and I often took up mail from the doorman downstairs from his Mahatma’s  daughter Indira when she was Prime Minister of India – Jimmy famously powerfully lectured the full-house Louisiana senate in front of Huey Long on the treatment of the former slave population, who he said had to be included with total equality by every human measure before America itself would be freed from slavery --  This was during Vietnam, and he explained to me  how the United States would no longer be a “capitalist country” because it was spending all its capital on oil and bombs. He’d cook bacon in a frying pan sipping martinis at his side, himself being six-foot-four, friends with the leaders of China, too (Chou En Lai, Chairman Peoples Republic of China at the time told Jimmy with a smile “it is true, a nuclear bomb could destroy half a billion of our people.  But of course we would still have half a billion more, while with this number you would have less than none.”  This is a direct historical quote, maybe printed nowhere before.)


Jimmy said that in 20 years the Red Chinese would be marching down Broadway, since the tiger was awakening.  That hasn’t happened, except metaphorically. Jimmy watched the rise of Hitler with his friends Albert Einstein and Ernest Hemmingway and a hundred other legends of their time and Jimmy despised the Nazi’s with a visceral anger you won’t find in CASABLANCA, and he knew first hand how an entire people could be overtaken by tyranny while they watched it happen.  Nazis were never entertaining or endearing in any way whatsoever, as they almost were in STALAG 17, for example, which I acted in in High School.


I don’t have conversations like those any more, but I see these present-day Hollywood studios and their secret deals with the unions, with blacklisting and stealing and backstabbing a culture like it must have been during the McCarthy days or now it seems the Hitler days, if this article holds true.


Presently I am writing a story for fellow USAC anti-corruption fighters – we’re not a “committee” connected to any institution but a wholly-independent self-formed and ultimately numberless committee of CEO/Actors, insisting on taking charge of our destiny and getting the money owed to us – I’m writing a memo about how THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER and the formerly august (tinselly) VARIETY and the LA TIMES have blatantly succumbed to union-studio pressure and refused to faithfully report the truth about the lawsuit we’ve filed in a Federal Court naming the union studio-owned lawyers who’ve completely and absolutely taken control of the members from the elected officials and absconded with the actors, writers and directors they were meant to represent.


When the leaders of a company town are named as crooks, this is important to the company town, and the company town’s reporters ought to write about it.  Once upon a time it would be their duty to report the such news. Sharon Waxman is emblematic of the trending smart silent set of self-censoring “journalists,” a word sullied and newly defined by this invasive specimen of the un-reporting reporter, she formerly of the NY TIMES.



In 2013 Hollywood’s newly-famous “Black List” is actually a list of “good” scripts, unlike the WGA-HOLLYWOOD REPORTER-MAJOR STUDIO “Blacklist” of our fathers that sent great writers into hellish retreat from the business they helped shape and create.


Our Federal case is a story being told as it unfolds, we won’t wait for a generation to pass before the aims of UNITED SCREEN ACTORS COMMITTEE VS SAG are known to the thousands of artists who have lost income and civil rights because of collaborative unions and studios.


We need free and transparent economic representatives for artists, because mostly ill-paid artists are the canaries in society, with special songs that lawyers can’t silence or suppress, or barely hear themselves, that need to be heard by the people, even if we must discover lawyers as outraged as ourselves who do heed the calls and songs like Helena Wise and fighters like Eric Hughes and Ed Asner and Tom Bower and Dennis Hayden to help us remove betrayers like David White and Duncan Crabtree-Irland and Robert Hadl.  I mention these union lawyers names because the newspapers will not, even though these names are written 49 times in our lawsuit, one of the most significant labor lawsuits in US history.


It is very dangerous to have artists in the grip of bad union leaders.  Artists are unpredictable, universal, narcissistic, selfless, relentless, fearless, highly communicative, potent observers, and often very rich. Cheers William Richert.


SAG Loses Battle Over ‘Leave It To Beaver’ Legal Fees With Insurance Company

By DOMINIC PATTEN | Thursday July 11, 2013 @ 6:08pm PDTTags: Lawsuit, SAG, SAG AFTRA


inShare1 Comments (9)


Lesson for SAG – Don’t mess with the Beav or at least anyone from the classic show. First, the union had to settle a 2007 class action suit from Ken Osmond, who played Eddie Haskell on Leave It To Beaver, and other actors accusing SAG of not properly paying out $8.1 million in overseas royalties. Today the union lost its summary judgment attempt to get Federal Insurance Company to reimburse them over $300,000 in legal fees that they paid out to Osmond in 2010 from the royalties case (read it here). “In this case, SAG’s own coverage position and assertions lead to but one result, which is that, insofar as SAG is and was, prior to the Osmond action, obligated to account for and distribute the foreign levy funds to the plaintiff class, SAG fails to establish that the $330,000 award arises from a ‘covered’ claim under the policy,” wrote Judge Dolly Glee today. It has taken almost two years to get this dispute resolved and probably a few bucks in new fees – and that’s it the union don’t appeal. The union first filed their breach of contract and tortious breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing complaint against the insurer on July 22, 2011. On the upside for the union, the US District judge did agree that plaintiff SAG could now be known as SAG-AFTRA in the suit. Good, as that’s who is going to be writing the checks in the latest foreign royalties lawsuit they’re facing.

Related: SAG-AFTRA Sued For Witholding Foreign Residuals & Rewarding Officials

Deadline's Dominic Patten - tip him here.






    My, but that’s a very lovely suit you’re winning, Mr. Haskell.”

    Comment by Buddy Bing — Thursday July 11, 2013 @ 7:04pm PDT  Reply to this post


      FTW, Lumpy!

      Comment by e — Thursday July 11, 2013 @ 7:21pm PDT  Reply to this post


    Taranev, you are in idiot.

    Comment by Anonymous — Thursday July 11, 2013 @ 11:51pm PDT  Reply to this post


    Having been in a long-running TV series that was – and still is – very big overseas, I have always suspected that SAG (Now Sag-Aftra) was not reporting the overseas residuals to us performers. Now, with this precedent setting case we have something to go after them with and it’s about time the Feds looked into this, as well…
    See you in court!

    Comment by Going4it — Friday July 12, 2013 @ 12:01am PDT  Reply to this post


    Calm down. All unions don’t stuck. They are the reason you earn a living wage, don’t work weekends, and don’t get poisoned at your job. And, the left wingers you seem to hate so much are the ones who secured all those things for you, via unions.

    Now, SAG AFTRA is another story. They do suck. (And that’s why most of the union’s left wingers fought the merger.)

    Comment by M. — Friday July 12, 2013 @ 12:03am PDT  Reply to this post


    WOuldn’t it be a much happier and different world if people got paid one time flat deals for all their transactions !! Instead, we’re built on a guarantee of some sort – then the rest comes in %’s – which means nothing more than fuzzy math & accounting. James Garner, etc all classic examples. Flat deals everybody.

    Comment by bob jackson — Friday July 12, 2013 @ 1:08am PDT  Reply to this post


    So I guess that Membership First isn’t so crazy after all.

    Comment by pj — Friday July 12, 2013 @ 7:13am PDT  Reply to this post


      Who are you kidding? Membership First are as crazy as they come. Did you forget about the whole strike that led to Aftra taking over and the refusal to merge even though SAG was a sinking ship. However the foreign residuals scene is real and I’m hoping that now there is one Union they begin to dig deep into this issue and rectify it.

      Comment by Steve — Friday July 12, 2013 @ 9:06am PDT  Reply to this post


    Gather the evidence. Box it. Take it to court!

    Comment by Torter — Friday July 12, 2013 @ 11:38am PDT  Reply to this post

Ken Osmond settled lawsuit over foreign levies in 2011


A federal judge has ruled SAG-AFTRA is on the hook for the $330,000 it paid to Ken Osmond and his attorneys to settle his class-action suit over foreign tax revenues.

The union had sued Federal Insurance Co. in Los Angeles in 2011 for refusing to reimburse the funds paid to the “Leave It to Beaver” actor.


U.S. District Court Judge Dolly Gee granted Federal Insurance’s motion for summary judgment on Thursday to settle Ken Osmond’s class-action suit over foreign tax revenues.

“In this case, SAG’s own coverage position and assertions lead to but one result, which is that, insofar as SAG is and was, prior to the Osmond action, obligated to account for and distribute the foreign levy funds to the plaintiff class, SAG fails to establish that the $330,000 award arises from a ‘covered’ claim under the policy,” she wrote.

The suit alleged that Federal was in breach of contract under the terms of the policy covering legal claims, which was in effect when Osmond filed his action in 2007. SAG, which became SAG-AFTRA last year, sought damages of $330,000 on each of two claims, plus its additional costs.

Osmond, who played Eddie Haskell in “Leave It to Beaver,” sued over SAG’s handling of “foreign levies” collected from countries through mechanisms such as taxes on video sales and rentals to compensate copyright holders for reuse. The guild finalized a settlement in February, 2011, under which he received $15,000 and his lawyers received $315,000.

Federal Insurance argued that settlement funds were not covered under its policy and that there was no coverage for a claim seeking “unpaid benefits.” SAG argued that the policy covered any sum was legally obligated to pay under the “incredibly broad” definition of a wrongful act.

“SAG’s argument is not persuasive,” Gee wrote.

Gee granted SAG-AFTRA’s motion to replace SAG as a plaintiff.

The Osmond settlement brought about judicial oversight of SAG’s handling of “foreign levies,” which started flowing in 1989 after the U.S. agreed to the terms of the Berne Convention establishing the right of authorship for individuals. SAG, the WGA and the DGA began collecting the funds in the early 1990s on behalf of members and nonmembers.

Osmond’s suit contended that SAG overstepped its authority to make those agreements and never disclosed them until he and Jack Klugman threatened to file suit. A similar suit on the foreign levies issue was filed in 2005 against the WGA West by William Richert and was settled in 2010; another was filed in 2006 against the DGA by William Webb, who settled in 2008.

SAG-AFTRA was sued May 24 by 15 members including former SAG president Ed Asner, alleging extensive misconduct in its handling of foreign levies and residuals they are owed.  The suit, filed in federal court in Los Angeles by the United Screen Actors Committee, alleges SAG-AFTRA has improperly withheld funds and stonewalled requests for information about $110 million held in trust by the union.

The union has brushed off the allegations and insisted it has done nothing wrong.

SEE ALSO: Ed Asner, 15 Others Sue SAG-AFTRA Over Unpaid Funds (EXCLUSIVE)

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New Three-Year Commercials Contracts Effective Retroactive to April 1, 2013


First Major SAG-AFTRA Contracts Overwhelmingly Approved with 96 Percent of Vote


Hmmm…in 2009  28% voted on the contract (36,960.)  This time only 13% voted (16,900.)   Can you spell Apathy???


Sounds like a Dictatorship with that kind of percentage.


1-13-14To:Assistant United States Attorney Robert DugdaleThe United States Attorney’s OfficeCentral District of CaliforniaCriminal Division312 North Spring StreetLos Angeles, California 90012ATT: Citizen Complaint CoordinatorFrom:Trey King7336 Santa Monica Blvd, #7West Hollywood, CA 90046Cc:Attorney General Eric HolderU.S. Department of Justice950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NWWashington, DC 20530-0001Congressman Adam SchiffOffice of U.S. Congressman Adam Schiff245 East Olive Ave., #200Burbank, California 91502Senator Barbara BoxerOffice of U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer312 N. Spring St. Suite 1748Los Angeles, CA 90012Senator Dianne FeinsteinOffice of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein11111 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 915 Los Angeles, CA 90025Dear Sirs and Madams,I am writing to request that you open an investigation into our past guild (Screen Actors Guild) elections and the very important SAG and AFTRA merger referendum in 2012. I ask this because of compelling evidence that I have found which points to criminal activity within our guild in regards to past guild elections, current elections, past contracts, current contracts and contracts that have yet to be negotiated.It is my firm belief and assertion that the following have occurred:1) Elected leaders of the Screen Actors Guild, both past and present, have conspired to rig our elections, weaken our contracts, and essentially destroy our beloved guild,2) Hired staff, working along with elected leaders, have also conspired to rig our elections, weaken our contracts, and bust our Guild3) Elected National Officers and elected members of the Board of Directors and hired staff have conspired to weaken our contracts and are attempting to do so now with the current TV/THEATRICAL contract negotiation4) Both leaders and staff have gone to great lengths to keep the truth from the SAG voter5) Both leaders and staff are guilty of conspiring to hide their attempts to rig past elections6) Both leaders and staff are guilty of conspiring to rig the Board of Directors election in September of 20107) Both leaders and staff are guilty of conspiring to rig the SAG-AFTRA merger referendum in March of 20128) Among those to be investigated are former General Counsel for the Screen Actors Guild and CURRENT SOLE NATIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of the new SAG-AFTRA David White, former Screen Actors Guild President and current SAG-AFTRA President Ken Howard, current SAG-AFTRA Executive Vice-President Gabrielle Carteris, current SAG-AFTRA Secretary Amy Aquino, former Vice-President of the Screen Actors Guild and former SAG-AFTRA Executive Vice-President Ned Vaughn, former AFTRA President and former Co-President of SAG-AFTRA, Roberta Reardon, former AFTRA Treasurer Matthew Kimbrough (ask him about the financials), former SAG-AFTRA Co-Executive Director Kim Roberts Hedgepeth (ask her why she resigned with three weeks after merger), current General Counsel Duncan-Crabtree Ireland, chief negotiator John McGuire, outside Counsel Robert Bush, past Screen Actors Guild President Richard Masur, past Screen Actors Guild President Melissa Gilbert, former National Executive Director of the Screen Actors Guild and former Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer and head of the Motion Picture Association of America and current ‘CONSIGLIERE’ for the Los Angeles Film Office, A. Robert Pisano, current National Board members Allen Lulu and David Hartley-Margolin9) Pisano, White, Gilbert, Masur, Aquino, Howard and Vaughn, with help other from SAG elected officials, would break our guild and our residual revenue stream10) This was a concentrated, long term plan to increase the revenue of producers and the studios, by systematically weakening the residual and royalty portions of the actor’s contract. And, in order to accomplish it, they needed control of the Hollywood Board. To do that, they needed help from Integrity Voting Systems. We had given birth to Integrity Voting back in 2001, now it was time for that to pay off. COMCAST, NETFLIX, PISANO, INTEGRITY VOTING SYSTEMS, K&H PRINTERS AND CURRENT SAG LEADERSHIP AND STAFF MUST BE INVESTIGATED AND PUT UNDER OATH!Following is my path to this finding this evidence.AUGUST 16, 1999, CALIFORNIA ELECTION GAINS NEW LIFE… RICHARD MASUR, THEN PRESIDENT OF THE SCREEN ACTORS GUILD, LOSES BATTLE TO SILENCE THE MEMBERSHIP… “Boggs, a labor attorney, filed a six-page complaint against his colleagues alleging “serious misconduct” and “dereliction of fiduciary responsibilities” in their decision to set aside a special investigator’s conclusion that there likely was “intentional wrongdoing” in the Nov. 16, 1998 election. [Daily Variety 9/11/99]”…/…/california-election-probe-gains-new-life2000 – SOON TO BE NAMED NEW NATIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE SCREEN ACTORS GUILD, A. ROBERT PISANO, SITS ON NETFLIX’S BOARD OF DIRECTORS AND OWNS STOCKIN THE COMPANY…WE HIRED HIM ANYWAY.September 10, 2001, Pisano’s first full day as National Executive Director…SEPTEMBER 11, 2001- 9-11- THE WORLD AS WE KNEW IT, CHANGED FOREVER…SAG MEMBERS WERE, LIKE EVERYONE THE WORLD OVER, STUNNED… AND ROBERT PISANO and AMY AQUINO TOOK ADVANTAGE OF THAT FACT.SEPTEMBER 14, 2001 Backstage reports on the hiring of A. ROBERT PISANO, FORMERLY OF THE LAW FIRM O’MELVENY AND MYERS, TO CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER/NATIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR POSITION… “Pisano specialized for more than 17 years in entertainment and litigation matters with the law firm of O’Melveny & Meyers”…. “Pisano had left MGM with a reported payout of $4 million. One website following insider trading,, listed Pisano purchasing 3,000 shares of MGM stock in February ’99 when he was an officer-director of the firm. SAG was asked if Pisano still possessed that MGM stock or investments with any other entertainment group that might be a signatory to SAG contracts, but the union’s national communications office indicated it wouldn’t release that information.” 1, 2001, Sequoia admits they did not follow procedure……/ballot-controversy-doesn-t-halt-elect…/January 21, 2002, SAG election to be re-run by Sequoia because of improprieties.…/ne…/sag-candidates-ok-rerun-1117858915/GUILD IN DISARRAY OVER TAINTED ELECTION……/guilds-leadership-disarray-tainted-electi…JANUARY 21, 2002, SAG CHIEF BOB PISANO KEEPS SILENT ABOUT FATE OF EXECUTIVES… “Screen Actors Guild CEO Bob Pisano is clamming up.He has refused to tell SAG’S elected leaders whether he will take any disciplinary action against the execs who bungled last fall’s election. Nor would he disclose any details to the national board about the recent settlement the guild reached with an Asian-American exec fired last year from SAG’s affirmative action department.Pisano, who was hired Sept. 10, was asked point-blank at this week’s board meeting about the fate of national deputy exec director John Sucke, national director of guild governance Clinta Dayton and New York executive secretary Ruth Baptiste. In ruling that the races for three…”FEBRUARY 18, 2002, DOL OPENS PROBE INTO SAG ELECTION……/…/dol-opens-probe-national-unions-election THAT PESKY SIGNATURE LINE, IT HAD TO GO, AND IT DID WITH INTEGRITY…FEBRUARY 28, 2002, SAG SAGES BLAST PISANO… “SAG chief Bob Pisano has taken a major hit with five former SAG presidents –d Asner, Bill Daniels, Chariton Heston, Howard Keel and Dennis Weaver — blasting him for his recent ouster of government relations director Lance Simmens.The quintet, in an open letter to SAG members, have roasted CEO Pisano and president Melissa Gilbert for ignoring the national board’s endorsement of an investigation into the legality of Canadian production subsidies.They accused Pisano and Gilbert of a power grab and alleged the two are being disloyal to SAG members by taking marching orders from organizations outside the Guild.” THEY WERE RIGHT!TWO ELECTIONS HAVE NOW PROVEN TO BE RIGGED… WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE PISANO AND AQUINO TO DO???JUNE 13, 2002, SAG SAYS IT IS OK FOR PISANO TO OWN INTEREST IN NETFLIX AND SIT ON THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS FOR NETFLIX WHILE SERVING AS NATIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE SCREEN ACTORS GUILD… “HOLLYWOOD — A trust in SAG CEO Bob Pisano’s name holds about $850,000 of investments in Netflix, an online DVD company whose investors include the Hollywood studios — the major employers of the guild’s members.Pisano insists the arrangement does not represent a conflict of interest, and the chief of the SAG committee that recruited Pisano, Gary Epp, agreed.Pisano, who has been on the Netflix board since 2000, said he disclosed the investment to SAG’s elected officers when he was hired to the top post at SAG last year. “I don’t consider the investment inconsistent with my obligations to the Screen Actors Guild,” Pisano said.SAG listed Pisano’s …”AUGUST 21, 2002, SAG president Melissa Gilbert supports Pisano’s plan to close branch offices… Having to rerun an election was an embarrassment to SAG, so SAG GAVE BIRTH to INTEGRITY VOTING SYSTEMS and IVS used SAG to sell itself to others… the next few years, Integrity would build its client base and its reputation, all with the support of the Screen Actors Guild.Integrity Voting Systems is owned by K&H Printers. Voting Systems eventually became official vendor for ALL SAG elections.Integrity lists among its clients several UNIONS and the CALIFORNIA STATE BAR ASSOCIATION. 26, 2002, SAG’S PISANO, WHILE HEAD OF SAG, KEEPS HIS POSITION WITH CEG… “Despite heading SAG for the past 10 months, SAG CEO Bob Pisano has retained his post on the advisory board of Cinema Entertainment Group, a start-up pay TV company with a strategic partnership with New Line Cinema.Pisano has insisted his CEG position does not represent a conflict of interest with his duties at SAG, even though New Line is a major employer of SAG members. The exec also asserted that SAG’s search committee and outside attorneys found no problem with his holding the CEG post prior to his hiring.Pisano made a similar claim following recent disclosures that a trust in his name holds $865,000 of investments in Netflix, an online DVD company …”November 1, 2002, Pisano tries to end the annual Hollywood membership meeting… SAG AND PISANO HIRE DAVID WHITE, ALSO FORMERLY OF O’MELVENY AND MYERS LAW FIRM, AS GENERAL COUNSEL. HE WOULD SERVE UNTIL 2006.JUNE 16, 2004, SAG HOLLYWOOD BOARD ASKS PISANO TO RECUSE HIMSELF FROM NEGOTIATIONS… “HOLLYWOOD — The SAG Hollywood board in executive session late Monday passed a resolution calling for chief executive officer Bob Pisano to, at minimum, recuse himself as chief negotiator for the Screen Actors Guild in upcoming contract negotiations with producers this fall.A majority of the Hollywood board feels Pisano’s position on Netflix’s board of directors is a conflict of interest.Pisano first disclosed his Net filx relationship al the time of …” 19, 2004, SAG BACKS PISANO ON NETFLIX DEAL… COMPLETELY CONTRARY TO WHAT THE SAG HOLLYWOOD BOARD WANTED……/15…/sag-backs-pisano-court WHO WAS THE GENERAL COUNSEL AT THE TIME??? YES, DAVID WHITE.FEDERAL JUDGE THROWS OUT THE CONFLICT OF INTEREST CASE BROUGHT BY ACTORS……/federal-judge-backs-guilds-chief-… No conflict of interest, huh??? Negotiating DVD RESIDUALS AND SITS ON NETFLIX BOARD OF DIRECTORS AT THE SAME TIME… HELLO??? NOW HIS PROTÉGÉ, DAVID WHITE, IS DOING THE SAME THING TO US ON NEW MEDIA…MARCH 7, 2005, SAG CUTS ALL TIES WITH A. ROBERT PISANO. 2, 2005, GREG HESSINGER, FORMER HEAD OF AFTRA, JOINS SAG AS NEW CEO…“HOLLYWOOD — Screen Actors Guild’s last CEO, Bob Pisano, started his new job on Sept. 10, 2001.Today, AFTRA’s outgoing topper, Greg Hessinger, officially assumes Pisano’s old office.Privately, Pisano would sometimes refer to this inauspicious start date with a wry look and a heavy sigh, as if it alone explained everything you needed to know about his bumpy 3 1/2 years at SAG: Nobody could have known it at the time, but his tenure turned out to be somewhat cursed from the start.In fact, Hessinger faces many of the same problems Pisano faced, but with what’s likely to be a much shorter honeymoon period.SAG watchers believe the key factor in how Hessinger’s tenure plays out will be the September elections …”September 23, 2005, PISANO NAMED PRESIDENT AND CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER OF THE MOTION PICTURE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA… 5, 2006- WHITE RESIGNED FROM SAG AS GENERAL COUNSEL TO FORM HIS OWN COMPANY, ENTERTAINMENT STRATEGIES GROUP, WHICH HELPED PRODUCERS CIRCUMVENT SAG CONTRACTS by TAKING WORK OUT OF HOLLYWOOD, OUT OF CALIFORNIA, AND OUT OF THE COUNTRY ENTIRELY… LEAVING HOLLYWOOD HURTING, AND NOT JUST ACTORS, BUT ALL BUSINESSES THAT RELY ON LOCAL PRODUCTION TO SURVIVE……/david-white-latest-to-depart-sa…/March 30, 2008, SAG-AFTRA WAR EXPLODES… Or so we are told… 14, 2008, NO LONGER EMPLOYED BY THE SCREEN ACTORS GUILD, DAVID WHITE WEIGHS IN ON THE LOOMING “STRIKE”……/former-sag-general-couns…/THE NEXT DAY….April 15, 2008, Actress Susan Flannery sets record straight on SAG-AFTRA “POACHING”… AFTRA WAS LYING… SO WAS WHITE……/bold-beautiful-actress-susan-fla…/June 27th, 2008, Deadline reports on strike situation and actors… what was REALLY happening with the producers……/countdown-to-june-30th-calm-dow…/…SEPTEMBER 18th, 2008, Ned Vaughn elected to 10th alternate on the National Board, and a ONE YEAR HOLLYWOOD BOARD SEAT. PRODUCER/actress Amy Brenneman was be the top vote getter, EARNING A THREE YEAR NATIONAL SEAT. Ken Howard, and Gabrielle Carteris would be elected as well as Stacy Travis and Pamela Reed. They would take over SAG AND INSTALL DAVID WHITE WITHIN A FEW MONTHS… AMY AQUINO WAS INVOLVED……/2008_SAG_Hollywood_Election_Resul…December 2, 2008, Marc Dreier was arrested in Toronto on fraud charges involving pension funds. December 2, 2008, Marc Dreier was arrested by Canadian authorities……/dreier-llps-marc-dreier-…/On December 8, 2008, Dreier was arrested by United States Authorities……/newsmake…/hedge_fund_arrest/index.htmDecember 13, 2008, the New York Times reports on Dreier……&THREE DAYS LATER, PRODUCERS START THE SAG-AFTRA WAR…DECEMBER 16TH, 2008, FOX MOVES TO SHOOT ALL PILOTS UNDER AFTRA CONTRACTS……/exclusive-20th-tv-may-shoot-spri…/DECEMBER 16TH, 2008, just hours after FOX MOVES, WARNER BROS TV JOINS FOX IN SWITCHING TO AFTRA, CLAIMING, LIKE FOX, THAT A ‘POTENTIAL’ SAG STRIKE IS THE REASON, DISNEY JOINS IN……/is-20th-tv-trying-to-start-anoth…/DECEMBER 22, 2008, Entertainment Strategies Group, FUNDED BY MARC DREIER, AND HEADED BY DAVID WHITE AND SALLIE WEAVER IS SEIZED. 12, 2009, LAWYERS LAUD ROBERT PISANO… HIS ACHIEVEMENT IN COPYRIGHT PROTECTION IS HONORED!!!FIFTY FIVE DAYS BETWEEN THE DAY DREIER IS ARRESTED BY CANADIAN AUTHORITIES AND THE DAY WHITE TAKES OVER THE SCREEN ACTORS GUILD.January 26, 2009 David White takes over SAG by written assent just weeks after Dreier is arrested. This was damage control after the Dreier arrest. If they waited, David White would never have been allowed in the building again when the news broke about HIS CONNECTION TO Dreier. AND THE BOARD WAS SILENCED WITH AN NON DISPARAGEMENT AGREEMENT… JONATHAN HANDEL CERTAINLY HAD NO PROBLEM USING IN HIS MASTHEAD HIS CONNECTION TO THE TROY GOULD LAW FIRM AND THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER… later, after things began to fall apart, he would begin to distance TROY GOULD LAW FIRM and the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER FROM his opinions on merger… “At around 11:00 a.m. Monday morning, a group of board members went to SAG’s LA headquarters. The group included Unite for Strength leader Ned Vaughn, NY board member Sam Freed, board members Ken Howard, Pamela Reed, Stacey Travis, Gabrielle Carteris and two others whose names I don’t know.The group, which was not accompanied by counsel, presented the written assent to SAG General Counsel Duncan Crabtree-Ireland and SAG outside counsel Bob Bush—both of whom SAG President Alan Rosenberg had allegedly derided two weeks ago as “liars” who “don’t know what [they’re] talking about.”Crabtree-Ireland and Bush withdrew for 15-20 minutes with the document while the actors waited in the Foundation Room. The two lawyers then returned and acknowledged that the document was in order. Doug Allen then came to the meeting room and asked the actors if there was anything that any of them wanted to say to him directly. There was an awkward silence, then one of the actors answered “Thank you for your service.” Allen replied “You’re welcome,” then stalked out, slamming the door.Also worth noting: The written assent also dissolves the Negotiating Committee and replaces it with a 10-member task force. The Hollywood members include three Membership First partisans: SAG President Alan Rosenberg, 1st VP Anne-Marie Johnson, and board member Clancy Brown; plus independent board member Morgan Fairchild, and Unite for Strength leader and board alternate Ned Vaughn.Thus, Membership First retains a majority of the Hollywood membership on the task force, just as they have within the Hollywood Division board itself (though not the national board). One hopes that they’ll use their presence constructively, not obstructively. New York members of the task force are 2nd VP Sam Freed and board members Mike Hodge and Matt Servitto. The Regional (RBD) members are Mike Pniewski and Nancy Duerr.” Ms. Duerr is known for expense reports in excess of what most actors make in a year… “…/sag-national-exec…February 20, 2009 BROADCAST PILOTS FLY TO AFTRA……/broadcast-pilots-flying-aftra-111433 But remember, FOX made the first move to shift television shows to AFTRA just three days after the New York Times reported on the Dreier arrest… They had to do this or the master plan to bust the union was in jeopardy.February 27, 2009 White forgets to mention Marc Dreier toSAG board. “But on Friday he sent a new statement changing his mind: “I have had numerous discussions with board members and others on both coasts about my former business, ESG, including discussions specifically about ESG’s investor, Marc Dreier. However, during the extensive Q&A period at a recent Hollywood board meeting, I did not directly refer to Mr. Dreier.White is currently in New York negotiating the union’s commercials contract.”WHITE WAS NEGOTIATING OUR COMMERCIALS CONTRACT AT THE TIME…March 11, 2009, SAG’s New Leadership Squanders A-list Assisted Opportunity for Backchannel Communications with Hollywood CEOs……/how-sags-new-leadership-is-squan…/ NOW WE KNOW WHY.June 9, 2009 Vaughn appears on while a SAG alternate board member to announce the passage of the TV & Theatrical contract in 2009… the results of the next election, the membership elected Ned Vaughn completely out of office. YES, MANY OF THE MEMBERSHIP DESPISED VAUGHN AT THIS POINT…The official results in 2009…/2009_SAG_Hollywood_Division_Elect… MEMBERSHIP FIRST CANDIDATES WERE RECEIVING THE MOST VOTES, BUT IT WAS SPREAD OUT, NOT ONE SIDED…September 24, 2009, more members voted against Ken Howard than for him but he was elected President. AMY AQUINO ELECTED SECRETARY-TREASURER……/ken-howard-elected-as-screen-acto… Aquino would be key to helping keep the AFTRA financials a secret until after merger.OCTOBER 18, 2009, WHITE ELECTED AS CHIEF NEGOTIATOR……/5007012.articleOctober 18, 2009 David White hired permanently with no search or vetting process.…/toldja-david-white-appointed-sag…/This was according to plan.…/david-p-white-appointed-screen-ac…IN 2010 or before, COMCAST contracts with K&H Printers… BECOMES ONE OF K&H PRINTERS BIGGEST CLIENTS.JUNE 21-24, 2010, WHITE, CRABTREE-IRELAND AND MCGUIRE ATTEND THE WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CONFERENCE IN GENEVA, SWITZERLAND…… WHO REPRESENTED THE MPAA??? Oh they will say they were there to do the work of the “guild”, but were they really working in the best interest of the SCREEN ACTOR??? NO!AUGUST 4, 2010, UNITE FOR STRENGTH, LED BY NED VAUGHN AND KEN HOWARD ANNOUNCES 35 CANDIDATES……/unite-for-strength-fields-35-can…/SEPTEMBER 1, 2010, SAG MEMBERS BEGAN LOSING BENEFITS… UFS would use this as a reason that they were “getting votes” but in reality, those losing those benefits were PISSED AND WOULD NEVER HAVE VOTED FOR THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE!!!…/sag-notice-without-explanation-m…/The SEATING OF THE NATIONAL BOARD, CONDUCTED BY INTEGRITY VOTING SYSTEMS, OWNED BY K&H PRINTERS, IN SEPTEMBER OF 2010, IS WHERE THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY REALLY BEGAN TO SHINE BRIGHT. The results in this election contain statistical anomalies that CAN NOT BE IGNORED. I began a search for their reason. It would lead me to DIRECTLY TO COMCAST, DAVID WHITE AND ROBERT PISANO. THIS ELECTION WAS RIGGED. THEY DESPERATELY NEEDED CONTROL OF THE HOLLYWOOD BOARD TO MAKE THEIR PLAN WORK AND WITH THE HELP OF INTEGRITY, THEY GOT THEIR BOARD……/2010_SAG_Hollywood_Division_Elect… They accomplished this manipulation of the election system by shaving votes from Membership First candidates and padding the votes of the independent candidates. IN NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, WERE THE RESULTS OF THE 2010 SEATING OF THE NATIONAL AND HOLLYWOOD BOARD OF DIRECTORS REPRESENTATIVE OF THE SCREEN ACTORS GUILD MEMBERSHIP, ESPECIALLY IN HOLLYWOOD.SEPTEMBER 23, 2010, INTEGRITY PAYS OFF BIGTIME… UFS TAKES CONTROL OF THE HOLLYWOOD DIVISION……/sag-2010-national-board-election…/ 33 OUT OF 35 SEATS… AN UNBELIEVABLE OCCURRENCE WITH VAUGHN GETTING AN ALTERNATE SEAT… He was UNELECTABLE JUST A YEAR EARLIER… WHAT CHANGED???October 18, 2010, Vaughn takes control of the Hollywood Board……/sag-hollywood-division-vaughn-john… having been given a National Board seat by actress Amy Brenneman, who resigned. The late Marcia Wallace nominated him… I was there that night… this was their plan… A minority of actors had systematically taken over the Screen Actors Guild and proceeded to dismantle it…And so began the drive to merge… AT ALL COSTS… THEY HAD CONTROL OF HOLLYWOOD AND THERE WAS NO STOPPING THEM…JANUARY 2011, CRAIG SIMMONS APPOINTED TO EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF HUMAN RESOURCES, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND RISK REDUCTION……/screen-actors-guild-whistleblower-alleges… He would later blow the whistle on what was going on with OUR MONEY and OUR SAG PENSION AND HEALTH PLAN!!! HOW MUCH OF OUR MONEY WAS ACTUALLY STOLEN??? UNLESS YOU STEP IN, WE WILL NEVER KNOW!January 18, 2011 COMCAST moves to acquire 51% of NBCUniveral a year before the planned SAG-AFTRA merger.…/comcast-nbc-universal-deal-said-… MY QUESTION TO THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT IS DID YOU KNOW THAT COMCAST HAD CONTRACTED WITH OUR VOTING COMPANY???MAY 19, 2011, DAVID WHITE FALSELY CLAIMS CREDIT FOR WORK BACKGROUND ACTORS HAD DONE TO BRING THEIR SITUATION TO THE ATTENTION OF LAW ENFORCEMENT… HE WOULD TAKE CREDIT THAT YEAR AT THE HOLLYWOOD MEMBERSHIP MEETING AS WELL… AFTER MERGER PASSED, WHITE WAS GIVEN TOTAL CONTROL OF THE MUSIC VIDEO CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS, AND WHEN HE HAD THE POWER, HE THREW BACKGROUND ACTORS UNDER BUS!!!July 12, 2011, Jonathan Handel reports on merger……/the-sag-aftra-merger-attempt-wh…/ Yes, Handel was intimately involved with the planned merger…AUGUST 15, 2011, SAG MEMBERS READ IT AND WEEP… THE REPORTS OF THE HARM CAUSED BY THIS “SAG VS AFTRA” WAR THAT WAS STARTED BY NED VAUGHN……/sag-2010-report-members-read-it-…/DECEMBER 19, 2011, HUNDREDS OF SAG MEMBERS SIGN PETITION FOR AN IMPARTIAL PROBE INTO THE SAG PRODUCERS PENSION AND HEALTH PLAN……/sag-health-pension-plan-fund-sca…/DECEMBER 22, 2011, UPDATE ON CORRUPTION AT THE SAG PENSION AND HEALTH PLAN……/screen-actors-guild-whistleblower-alleges…DECEMBER 29, 2011, Meanwhile, White’s contract is renewed quietly. Done in April of 2011, but announced December 29, 2011 when everyone was on holiday.…/sag-board-quietly-re-ups-natl-exec…February 1, 2012, members FINALLY GET A LOOK AT THE MERGER PLAN… again Handel with the inside scoop……/analysis-sag-and-aftra-unveil-m…/FEBRUARY 19, 2012, CURRENT SAG PRESIDENT ALAN ROSENBERG DENOUNCES CURRENT SAG LEADERSHIP AS “LIARS”……/sag-aftra-merger-protest… AND THEY WERE AND ARE STILL LYING…FEBRUARY 22, 2012, ANTI-MERGER LAWSUIT FILED AGAINST SAG AND ITS OFFICERS.…/sag-aftra-anti-merger-la… “Contrary to published reports, the suit does not seek to halt the ballots from being mailed, according to the plaintiffs’ attorney, David B. Casselman of Wasserman, Comden, Casselman & Esensten, who spoke with The Hollywood Reporter. However, if plaintiffs prevail, the ballots would be invalidated – or perhaps not even tallied.The complaint alleges that the merger proposal – about eighty pages of documents that emerged from 18 months of work by both unions’ boards, staffs and merger committees – nonetheless omits the “necessary due diligence.”In a statement, SAG blasted the suit as “completely without merit (and a) preposterous . . . attempt at circumventing the will of the membership.” SAG members have voted overwhelmingly for pro-merger board candidates in the last several years.Casselman said, “member are entitled to full disclosure, not half truths and misleading and unsupported promises.” He added, “if an uninformed membership approves this merger, and then we all learn that it will have crippling, negative effects, it will be too late for anything to be done to return SAG or its current pension and health plans back to their current status,” he added.SAG responded, “We have scheduled more than 50 informational meetings across the country, have posted all of the merger documents on the website for over 4 weeks, and have afforded the merger opponents the right to send an opposition statement at the unions’ expense as part of the referendum package.”THR first broke news of the looming lawsuit last week. At that time, the union’s general counsel,Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, told THR “these complaints are without merit.”Plaintiffs in the suit include Martin Sheen, Edward Asner, Ed Harris, Valerie Harper, Nancy Sinatra, former guild president Alan Rosenberg and current board members Anne-Marie Johnson and David Jolliffe.Johnson told THR that an impact study has precedent. “Back in 2003, when the previous merger attempt was in process, the Mercer Report, a detailed impact study, was leaked. Their opinion was that any merger of the SAG and AFTRA pension and health plans would cause a diminution of benefits to SAG members.”“Without question,” she added, “the union trustees (today) could easily have done a similar impact study.” That would provide members “the information they need,” she said, in contrast to the “feasibility report” the union prepared last month. That latter report stated that plan mergers were legal, common and often beneficial, but it didn’t analyze data regarding the SAG and AFTRA plans specifically or draw any conclusions as to whether they should be merged or otherwise restructured if the unions merge.The merger plan prepared by the unions would merge the unions, but not the pension and health plans, which are legally separate entities. Plan merger or other modification is a step that can only be taken by the plan trustees, half of whom are appointed by management and half by the respective unions. AFTRA trustees said earlier this month that they would have “a comprehensive feasibility study performed” before taking a position on whether to merge the plans.Defendants in the suit are SAG, guild president Ken Howard, secretary-treasurer Amy Aquino and vice-presidents Ned Vaughn, Mike Hodge and David Hartley-Margolin. In addition, national executive director David White is listed in the caption (i.e., title) of the case, but omitted from the list of defendants in the body of the document. That suggests he may have been a last-minute addition – or a last-minute deletion.The suit alleges violations of the SAG Constitution and board resolutions, and federal and state law, and says the merger “is being presented in a deceptive manner.” Rosenberg made that point to THR somewhat more colorfully last week, when he said the merger effort “is being accomplished by liars.”The suit also claims that by providing for an interim board of directors, the merger plan circumvents laws regarding union elections. However, Crabtree-Ireland pointed out that unions merge all the time, and told THR that “federal Department of Labor regulations allow merging unions to establish interim officers and boards appointed as part of the merger.”The suit also seeks permission from the court to add an additional claim that would – if the plaintiffs prevail – give the judge has discretion to require that SAG pay their attorneys fees (which could be substantial), their court costs (which are usually not particularly large) and any other necessary expenses (which might include big-ticket consultants and expert witnesses).Such fee shifting is contrary to the general rule in U.S. lawsuits, which is that each side bears its own fees and costs, but that rule doesn’t apply when statutes, such as this one, explicitly provide otherwise.The complete list of plaintiffs is: Martin Sheen, Edward Asner, Ed Harris, Valerie Harper, Clancy Brown, James Remar, George Coe, Diane Ladd, Lainie Kazan, Nichelle Nichols, Renee Aubry, Jane Austin, Erick Avari, Steve Barr, Sara Barrett, Terrance Beason, Michael Bell, Warren Berlinger, Joe Bologna, Ralph Brennen, Alexandra Castro, Jude Ciccolella, Cynthia Lea Clark, David Clennon, Joe D’Angerio, Patricia D’Arbanville, Dick Gautier, Dorothy Goulah, Marty Grey, Sumi Haru, Angel Harper, Basil Hoffman, David Huddleston, Anne-Marie Johnson, David Jolliffe, Kerrie Keane, Peter Kwong, Kurt Lott, Barbara Luna, Eric Lutes, Stephen Mach, Michael McConnohie, Peter Antico, Susan McNabb, Phyllis Timbes, Marguerite Moreau, Traci Murray, Nicole Mandich, Larry Newman, Barbara Niven, Kathleen Nolan, Jack Ong, Peggy Lane O’Rourke, Leslie Parrish, Scott Pierce, Robin Riker, Stephanie Rose, Alan Rosenberg, Alan Ruck, Wendy Schaal, Tascha Schaal, Nancy Sinatra, Cynthia Steele, Renee Taylor, Malachi Throne, Beverly Todd, Jessica Wright andMomo Yashimo.NO STUDY ON HOW THE SAG PENSION & HEALTH PLAN WILL BE AFFECTED… A “FEASIBILITY STUDY” WAS PRODUCED AT THE LAST MINUTE BY DAVID WHITE, WHO COMMISSIONED IT AND WE WERE TOLD HE ALSO PAID FOR IT… HE AND NED VAUGHN WOULD THROW THIS LIE OUT TO THE MEMBERSHIP AS A FINAL ATTEMPT TO DRAG MERGER ACROSS THE FINISH LINE… A WEEK AFTER THE MERGER PASSAGE WAS ANNOUNCED, VAUGHN WOULD ADMIT A STUDY WOULD HAVE TO BE DONE AND THAT SAG MEMBERS WERE NOT GOING TO LIKE IT… COMPLETELY CONTRARY TO WHAT HE AND WHITE AND HOWARD AND AQUINO HAD BEEN SAYING FROM THE DAIS… 28, 2012, Judge Won’t Stop SAG-AFTRA Merger Vote – But Notes Members May See “Decrease In Benefits” Because Of No Actuarial Study… 30, 2012 SAG-AFTRA members are told the merger vote passed at an ASTOUNDING 82 PERCENT. There were NO OFFICIAL OBSERVERS and the TABULATION PROCESS WAS CONDUCTED IN THE STATE OF WASHINGTON, A STATE IN WHICH, I MIGHT ADD, A JUDGE HAS RECENTLY RULED THE MAIL IN BALLOT TRACKING (MIBT) PROCESS INVALID. OF SAG MEMBERS VOTING FOR AN UNCERTAIN FUTURE??? 78% OF HOLLYWOOD VOTED FOR THIS, NOT KNOWING WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO THEIR PENSION AND HEALTH PLAN… I TRIED TO ATTAIN BREAKDOWNS OF THE TABULATIONS. I WAS STONEWALLED.MARCH 30, 2012, THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE NEW UNION… I AM REMINDED HERE OF THE MOVIE ARGO AND THE SCENE WHERE THEY PONDER HOW TO SELL A LIE AND THEY SAY, GET THE MEDIA TO SELL IT FOR YOU… NOTICE JONATHAN HANDEL’S QUESTION AND DAVID WHITE’S REPONSE… EVERYONE REPRESENTING SAG AND AFTRA IN THIS VIDEO SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED…MR. HOWARD IS PRETTY HAPPY AND FEELING GOOD AT THE BEGINNING, NOTICE HOW HE CHANGES OVER THE COURSE OF THE PRESENTATION…PART TWO… THREE… A WEEK OF THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE MERGER REFERENDUM, NED VAUGHN, EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, FINALLY TELLS THE TRUTH ON MERGER… MINUTES 20 TO 25 ARE VERY IMPORTANT… WHAT YOU HEAR IS THE TRUTH……/executive-vice-president-sag-aftra-union-n…APRIL 16, 2012, LESS THAN THREE WEEKS AFTER MERGER, Kim Roberts Hedgpeth, CO-EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE NEWLY FORMED SAG-AFTRA, STEPS DOWN, LEAVING DAVID WHITE AS SOLE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE NEW UNION……/kim-roberts-hedgpeth-steps-down-sa…May 11, 2012- Bruce Dow, CEO OF THE PENSION AND HEALTH PLAN tossed out… but was he really???…/bruce-dow-steps-down-head-sag-benefit-pla… Recently Mr. Dow has been deposed in the Craig Simmons vs SAG P&H plan wrongful termination arbitration. This arbitration case alleges Simmons was fired because he would not cover up the fraud within the SAG Pension plan. The SAG Pension & Health Plan received a settlement of $2,000,000 to cover what Nadir Karimi embezzled. Was that all that was STOLEN??? SAG ACTORS ARE STILL WAITING TO HEAR THE TRUTH ON THAT! AND WE ARE STILL PAYING DOW AS A CONSULTANT!And, the lawsuit, Asner vs. SAG-AFTRA, is also proceeding. This lawsuit alleges fraud over foreign royalties. SAG-AFTRA says it is unable to locate the members whose money is held in trust. Recently, the amount held in the foreign royalty account has risen to 132 million held in trust.…/sag-aftra-increased-exec-directo…/This is miniscule compared to COMCAST taking away our residual payment structure, which it will do in the upcoming TV & Theatrical negotiations, IF NOT STOPPED. And the following commercial contract negotiations, AND AGAIN RUN BY ALLEN LULU, EVEN THOUGH THE COMMITTEE “OFFICIALLY” HASN’T BEEN NAMED YET…SEPTEMBER 27, 2012, 80 STAFFERS LOSE JOB IN MERGER FALLOUT… THEY HAD BEEN PROMISED NO ONE WOULD LOSE THEIR JOB… AND THEY WERE TOLD TO SELL MERGER TO THE MEMBERSHIP WHICH THEY DID……February 5, 2013 David White is given control of both the SAG Pension and Health plan, which he already controlled, and the AFTRA plan.…/david-white-appointed-af…Their guy was “in like Flynn”, so COMCAST MOVED…FIVE DAYS LATER…February 12, 2013, COMCAST, assured of a compliant actors’ union that will NOT STRIKE, acquires the remaining 49 percent of NBCUniversal and all of its subsidiaries.…/comcast-buying-g-…/…February 27, 2013, SAG-AFTRA ASKS MEMBERS TO REPORT EARNINGS… SAG-AFTRA HAS NO CLUE WHAT IS OWED AND WHAT ISN’T… THIS HAPPENS AFTER SAG members were hit with dues that weren’t correct, dues from AFTRA that they DID NOT OWE!!!…/sag-aftra-asks-members-to-report-all-…/April 21, 2013, 60 more employees who were told they would have jobs after merger lose them… and the announcement that 10 offices will close……/sag-aftra-cuts-60-slots-closes-10-off…/SAG-AFTRA board approves commercial contract, NEGOTIATED BY ALLEN LULU AND ROBERTA REARDON. The negotiations were done and accepted weeks before. Lulu even took work in Canada that week. He left it in good hands though, John McGuire and Roberta Reardon. IT IS A VERY WEAK CONTRACT AT BEST. Oh and while you are checking Allen Lulu’s passport for that week, check if he flew first class. See, since actors have been flying, we HAVE ALWAYS FLOWN FIRST CLASS. THIS WAS STANDARD. WE LOST THAT WITH THE NEW UNION. WE LOST A LOT OF THINGS WITH THE NEW UNION.MAY 31ST, 2013 The membership ratifies ELECTRONICALLY, without any resistance. The deadline for REQUESTING a mail in ballot was FRIDAY MAY 24, 2013, AT 5PM PST. IF A MEMBER HAD REQUESTED A PAPER BALLOT AT 4:45PM ON THAT FRIDAY (NO WEEKEND MAIL, REMEMBER), THERE WOULD BE NO WAY FOR IT TO LEAVE SEATTLE, TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD TO ANY GIVEN SAG-AFTRA MEMBER AND IT GET BACK BY THE DEADLINE OF MAY 31, 2013. THAT MIGHT, JUST MIGHT, BE ACHIEVABLE, IF THE MONDAY FOLLOWING THE DEADLINE FOR REQUESTING A BALLOT WASN’T MEMORIAL DAY… BALLOTS WOULD LEAVE SEATTLE TUESDAY MORNING, THE 28TH, AND WOULD HAVE TO BE BACK BY THE DEADLINE, FRIDAY, THE 31ST, THERE IS NO WAY THAT WAS POSSIBLE. THIS FORCED THE MEMBERSHIP TO AN ELECTRONIC BALLOT. THIS PUTS ALL OF OUR FUTURE CONTRACTS IN THE HANDS OF INTEGRITY VOTING.MAY 7, 2013, OREGON OFFICE TO CLOSE……/oregons-sag-aftra-office-will-cl…/TOLD THEY WOULD EXPECT WORK TO COME THEIR WAY ONCE MERGER WENT THROUGH, THE LOCALS BEGIN TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH.June 29, 2013, SAG-AFTRA ELECTION COALITION COLLAPSES……/sag-aftra-election-coalition-col…/June 29, 2013, Roberta Reardon, runs for NY President after failing to get much needed support from Ken Howard… STRANGE THAT HOWARD WOULD NOT SUPPORT REARDON… AFTER ALL, WE PAID HER A $35,000 STIPEND DURING THE MERGER AND AFTERWARD… THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN SUPPORT IS WITHDRAWN???…/sag-aftra-president-robert… SHE WOULD LOSE.July 28, 2013, SAG-AFTRA BOARD TO MAKE TWO CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS AT THE CONVENTION IN SEPTEMBER……/sad-aftra-constitutional-amendme…/ “The group didn’t say which amendments will move ahead as a result of the one-day National Board of Directors videoconference plenary that took place yesterday. But details “will be published in advance of the convention” to be held September 26-29 at the J.W. Marriott at L.A. Live along with “any additional proposed amendments submitted by the required number of local boards,” SAG-AFTRA says. National Executive Director David White called yesterday’s final meeting of the transitional National Board “an important marker in the life of this newly merged union.” He also praised the current leadership’s “tremendous legacy for the elected leaders who will follow.” In addition to their work on the constitutional amendments, directors approved the recommended rules for the convention, which also will be published ahead of time. General Counsel Duncan Crabtree-Ireland reported that the union’s foreign royalties program has distributed more than $17.5M to performers since its inception. And National Co-Secretary-Treasurers Amy Aquino and Matt Kimbrough said that they’ve integrated the financials of the previous organizations. Accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers audited the books and found no grounds to qualify its opinion about them.” Now the accounting firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers found no grounds to qualify its opinion about them. The truth would come out within a few weeks!JULY 30, 2013, a decision in White vs Reed, a court case in the STATE OF WASHINGTON concerning K&H Printers use of “bar codes” in an election, is handed down. The judge rules it VIOLATES WASHINGTON STATE law… “County Auditor Milene Henley said that after Superior Court Judge Don Eaton decided that the tracking system violated a state law that requires any voting system to obtain federal certification, she decided not to appeal that decision, but instead to abandon the MIBT system, even though Henley insists that the MIBT system did not in any way compromise ballot secrecy. “Now this system is used by Integrity Voting Systems for our elections… BUT WITHOUT A SIGNATURE!!! WE LOST IT WHEN WE CONTRACTED WITH INTEGRITY!!! 15, 2013, the SAG-AFTRA membership “votes” for a board completely controlled by David White… Allen Lulu wasn’t able to get a Los Angeles board seat, only a delegate seat… BUT HE WOULD HAVE A FOUR YEAR NATIONAL BOARD SEAT WHEN BOARD MEMBER TONY SHALOUB STEPS DOWN IN A MONTH! THIS INSTALLATION WAS SIMILAR TO THAT OF NED VAUGHN……/2013_0816_los_angeles_election_re…Now some of these seats were by default as it was announced earlier that some of the branches would be closing so no candidates ran in some of the locals, SUCH AS THE PORTLAND LOCAL……/2013-sag-aftra-portland-local-ele… This forced them to do what White wanted in hopes of keeping their branches open… and they now sit on the National Board. White controls their votes.AUGUST 21, 2013, Ned Vaughn, knowing he would not be allowed to keep his seat, he resigns his EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT SEAT to run for California State Assembly……/0…/LatestNews0813_026.htmlSeptember 9, 2013, Handel finally breaks the AFTRA financials story… he would help drive merger out of his office at the Troy Gould law firm then later as a reporter for the Hollywood Reporter… until, that is, things began falling apart……/audit-reveals-pre-merger… HE DOES THIS AFTER THE ELECTION. WHAT DID CARTERIS KNOW??? WHAT DID KIMBROUGH KNOW??? OBVIOUSLY THEY LIED… WHAT DID AQUINO KNOW??? ANY MENTION OF THIS BEFORE THE MERGER WOULD HAVE KILLED IT. IT BEGS THE QUESTION, WHO KNEW WHAT AND WHEN?????? PricewaterhouseCoopers has some explaining to do!September 26, 2013, Actress Gabrielle Carteris elected at convention by DELEGATES TO EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT……/sag-aftra-iconvention-2013-previ…/ Along with Howard and Vaughn, she had served the written assent. Although Amy Aquino’s name hasn’t been publicly listed as one of the signers of the written assent, I implore you to find out if she did indeed sign it. I would stake my life on it. AQUINO AND CARTERIS BOTH HAD TO KNOW THE FINANCIALS OF AFTRA AND THEY LIED TO US!September 28, 2013, Board member Tony Shaloub, who had just been elected to a four year NATIONAL BOARD SEAT THE MONTH BEFORE, STEPS DOWN AND NAMES ALLEN LULU AS HIS REPLACEMENT……/additional-la-based-sag-… ALLEN LULU, LIKE VAUGHN, IS DESPISED BY MANY IN HOLLYWOOD… HE WOULD NEVER GET ELECTED TO A NATIONAL SEAT. NOR WOULD HAVE VAUGHN. SO THOSE WHO PUT THEM THERE SHARE A RESPONSIBILITY IN THIS GREAT FRAUD!OCTOBER 7, 2013, Judge grants A PARTIAL DISMISSAL OF THE ASNER LAWSUIT, BUT ACCORDING TO SAG-AFTRA, IT WAS COMPLETELY DISMISSED……October 14, 2013, NETFLIX began talks with COMCAST……/netflix-talks-offer-onli… A. ROBERT PISANO, FORMER NATIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE SCREEN ACTORS GUILD, OWNED STOCK IN NETFLIX WHEN HE NEGOTIATED OUR DVD RESIDUAL STRUCTURE and SAT ON THEIR BOARD AND A FEDERAL JUDGE SAID IT WAS OK…OCTOBER 17, 2013 U.S. District Court Judge Manuel Real grants a June 24th JURY TRIAL DATE IN THE ASNER LAWSUIT… leaving in the hiring of David White……/sag-aftra-facing-june-24-trial-in-ed-…/AND JUST HOURS LATER…OCTOBER 18, 2013, Ned Vaughn drops out of California State Assembly race……/former-sag-aftra-evp-ned-vaughn-…/OCTOBER 28TH, 2013, AT THE LOCAL HOLLYWOOD OPEN BOARD MEETING, A MEETING IN WHICH I ATTENDED, A QUESTION WAS ASKED ABOUT THE UPCOMING TV&THEATRICAL CONTRACT AND WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN WITH IT. AT THIS MEETING, DUNCAN CRABTREE-IRELAND STATED, AND I AM QUOTING, THAT HE WAS “UNDER THE IMPRESSION” THAT A NEGOTIATING COMMITTEE HAD ALREADY BEEN NAMED, WITH A WINK AND A NOD… THIS RESULTED IN LAUGHTER FROM THE UFS BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT, WHICH WAS THE MAJORITY OF THE ROOM…ALSO AT THIS MEETING, QUESTIONS WERE ASKED FROM THE FLOOR ABOUT SAG’S PENSION AND HEALTH PLAN AND ITS INVESTMENTS… MR. CRABTREE-IRELAND STATED WE HAD TWENTY (20) PEOPLE INVESTING ON OUR BEHALF… JUST A BIT LATER, HE WOULD SAY WE HAD EIGHTEEN (18) PEOPLE INVESTING FOR US… SO I ASK, DO WE HAVE EIGHTEEN OR TWENTY PEOPLE HANDLING OUR MONEY?Also at this meetings, resolutions made at the convention were read and their outcome was noted. What surprised me MOST WAS THE FACT THAT THE DELEGATES VOTED DOWN A RESOLUTION CALLING FOR AN OUTSIDE INDEPENDENT ELECTION MONITOR. YEP, THEY VOTED IT DOWN. WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? FRAUD, ELECTION FRAUD, INSIDER TRADING ARE JUST A FEW OF THE CRIMES…November 15th, 2013, COMCAST announces plans to sell movies and television episodes, and not just current or future, but ALL PAST CONTENT……/comcast-start-selling-mo…AND ON THE SAME DAY…NOVEMBER 15TH, 2013, Ex-MPAA CHIEF AND EX-SAG NATIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR BOB PISANO IS NAMED AS LA FILM CZAR TOM SHERAKS “CONSIGLIERE”…/ex-mpaa-chief-bob-pisano-named-a…/QUITE A COUP BUT THEY WEREN’T DONE YET…November 25, 2013, COMCAST EYES TIME WARNER CABLE……/comcast-eyes-time-warner-cab…/DECEMBER 6, 2013, COMCAST BUYOUT OF TIME WARNER UNLIKELY… THANKS TO THE FCC STEPPING IN……/comcast-time-warner-cable-un…/JANUARY 5, 2014, 60 Minutes airs a story on an ongoing investigation of a person now known as Kim Dotcom, the owner of a now SHUTDOWN website known as MEGAUPLOAD. He OWNS websites that display copyrighted material and currently resides in New Zealand. The United States government has and is spending millions to bring this guy to justice for copyright infringement. They are doing this at the insistence of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). Currently Kim Dotcom has a new site called MEGA.…January 6, 2014, I watched the recorded 60 minutes segment and noted the irony of the government spending millions and literally putting human beings in jeopardy to capture this guy and yet, the very people (the MPAA) demanding these actions are the very ones who are attacking our residual/royalty payment structure in the new media platform. We will lose residuals for good if you, the Dept. of Justice, don’t step in and investigate.January 7, 2014, Information was given to me that THREE CURRENT FILMS, 12 YEARS A SLAVE, DALLAS BUYERS CLUB AND AMERICAN HUSTLE were available on the new site MEGA. I reported this to the local FBI office. If the information given me is true, then you should have enough evidence to shut his site down and extradite. If your intention is to protect our residual/royalty revenue stream, then you MUST FOLLOW THAT STREAM ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE ACTOR/ARTIST. BECAUSE WE SIMPLY AREN’T GETTING THE MONEY OWED TO US.SAG members have been harmed in this very masterful takeover of the 80 YEAR OLD SCREEN ACTORS GUILD from within by corporate entities, NAMELY COMCAST AND FOX. Since Pisano came into the Screen Actors Guild and brought David White with him, actors have losttheir quote (what an actor can usually demand for their talent) FAIR market price if you willfirst class air fare for all members (now must be negotiated, WAS STANDARD)all attempts to resolve the conflict between the stars and their being signed with non-SAG FRANCHISED AGENTS (actors voted down in the early aughts agents becoming producers of content as well) Kichaven once said that the SAG LEGAL DEPARTMENT HAD LOOKED AT OVER 17,000 GENERAL SERVICES AGREEMENT CONTRACTS (ALL UNNECESSARY IF SAG HAD EXERCISED ITS FRANCHISE AGREEMENT LIKE IT WAS REQUIRED TO DO)really big on our DVD contract, courtesy of Robert Pisano, WHO WAS ACTING IN THE INTEREST OF NETFLIX AND THE PRODUCERS AND STILL ISrepresentation of background in once covered music videos, courtesy of David White WHO ALSO IS WORKING ON BEHALF OF THE PRODUCERS WHILE HEADING OUR NEW UNIONcomplete representation on the Board of DirectorsHealth and Pension credits and BENEFITS because of the supposed war between SAG AND AFTRA, A WAR INITIATED BY NED VAUGHN AND DAVID WHITE.DELIVERY OF RESIDUALS ON A TIMELY BASIS (actors are reporting having to wait as long as THREE TO SIX MONTHS FOR THEIR MONEY)!OUR VOICE IN OUR UNION!Please investigate this. The investigation should not only include current board members and officers of SAG-AFTRA, but past ones as well. Staff must be included in this investigation. IF YOU NEED THEIR NAMES, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME.Respectfully,Trey KingSAG member ****



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